Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Ramen Bar Foodtrip

So after the Tea Party Event, my bloggers friends and I went to Venice Piazza to go on a food safari. However, since the promo had long ago expired, we opt to dine at the Ramen Bar instead. :)

Suffice to say, everyone ordered ramen except for RJ, who opt to have the Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping.

I opt to get the Spicy Karaage Ramen - it's boneless chicken and spicy shoyu ramen. This is new for me since I usually buy Shoyu Ramen in other restaurants. Jepoy had the same order as well since he has shrimp allergy. :D

Euri had the Shoyu Ramen - salt infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, negi and chasyu. We both had a hard time eating the noodles because it was a bit heavy and slippery.

Joyce had the Super Chasyu Ramen - soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with overflowing slices of chasyu and tamago, while Ade got the RBS #1 - soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu and kakuni.

These are my no sense of direction and 'not-my-fault' friends. If there's someone that you need to blame, you can always count on them... kidding! :P

The food and service were nice, same taste of ramen that I had - but these are just my opinion. So you will need to go out there and find it out for yourself. ;)

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  1. Had a great time, there, Bea! Hope we all could hang out and scandalize the crap out of people again :))

  2. I love Ramen Bar's Yakiniku beef! Great choice by RJ :P