Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lipton Philippines Personality of the Week

Guess what?

I'm Lipton Philippines' Personality of the Week! :D

If you happen to be a fan of their official Facebook page, Lipton has just featured me and my blog was also plugged in their wall post.

Bea Corbilla is our Personality of the Week! Bea is a hardcore gamer and photographer. If you check out her blog at http://www.veyaleecious.com/ you'd see that she writes not just about gaming, gadgets, and photography, but you'd see that she also writes about her latest food adventures.

Bea's full of Lipton PossibiliTEAS! She's the kind of person you'd love to hang out and have a nice cuppa Lipton Yellow Label mixed with milk and cinnamon, right?


So, like their page at http://www.facebook.com/liptonphilippines now to check out their updates and promos! And as they say, the PossibiliTEAS are endless! ;)


  1. Thanks for blogging about Lipton, Bea! :D

  2. Also saw my photo as Smashing Pic of the Week. Thank you, too! ;)

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