Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cubinet Interactive Unleashes Battle of Immortals

Cubinet Interactive Philippines Corporation who brought Steps and Casvian, released another 2.5D MMOG title - Battle of Immortals.

A Photowalk Down the Memory Lane

I love walking and taking pictures of everywhere I go. The streets where I walk, the cars, the city lights, parks, monuments, flowers, dewdrops, and even brick roads.

Following Jose Rizal's Last Steps

Let's take a walk, shall we? :)

Cosplay Mania & AME

Taken at the Cosplay Mania X last October 3, 2010

I'd wait and would definitely participate in these two events. Mostly because I have can meet my buddies and had fun in catching up with the good old times.

Having to retire in cosplaying doesn't seem to be bad, as I still appreciate the new generation, along with my friends and co-cosplayers before that are stil active until today.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

Way back in 2004, a very pretty lady asked me if I could be her model - we communicated via Friendster. I went to her house and we became very good friends. She was the one who told me that "it's the photographer, not the camera."

My Weapon of Choice

Way back, I had tons of ways on writing and taking pictures as my way of expressing art.

When the digital era was born, I opt to buy a camera from a very dear friend & photographer enthusiast as well.

Canon PowerShot A620 - eventually I gave this as a gift to my parents.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's VeyaLeecious Day!

November 30

First off, Happy Bonifacio Day~! And although I love history and Andrés B. himself, I'll be also celebrating the birth of this site.

I'll be also transferring some articles from my previous blogs, so please bear with me!

Expect more exciting stuff to be posted here~! Cheers!