Monday, August 8, 2011

INNO3D GamePack

GAMEPACK aims to target hardcore gamers who require a little more than the value segment but do not wish to pay too much for high end, thus Gamepack was born. Bundled with super OC software to maximize performance for hardcore gamers that like to push to the limit, and a must have Inno3D accessory giving you more bang for your buck!

28/4, 1:00a.m: In anticipation of Apples iPad2 launch I hastily opened IE8 and typed, clicked on purchase and became a proud owner of Apples latest version of the iPad. Like many iPad fans I made the decision to part with a significant amount of my hard earned cash in exchange for fun, work and for reading. The iPad2 was sold out within minutes of the launch so I felt privileged to have been one of the first owners who possessed the latest gadget from Apple.

12/5, 12:30p.m: When I was visiting a factory in China, I received a call from HK office "Did you order an iPad2? It has arrived" Finally, I got my iPad2 the next morning. I installed iTunes and downloaded some apps and games. I am a diehard gamer so I was happy that there were some FPS games at a very cheap price of US0.99.

13/5, 9:00p.m: Time to play, no…time to work. I took out my iPad2 after dinner and replied some emails then checked my schedule for the next day. I read some documents in PDF and work format which aren't bad. Excel table is still small but acceptable.

13/5 10:00p.m: Now that work side of things were complete I was able switch to relax mode and start playing games on the iPad2. There are so many games to download from the app store which is without are doubt very entertaining. I spent a good hour or so going through the app database for games of all genres but had exhausted myself so I decided to call it a night after downloading 10 or so free games and a few paid ones.

14/5 8:30p.m: Having gone through the mundane part of filtering out games I deemed worthy of download I quickly fired up a game at a touch of the screen and gaming I began. Strategically I started playing games which were free and ones I anticipated wouldn't have my concentration for too long, then I moved on to the paid ones where I demanded more quality from. Being a diehard gamer I instantly saw the distinction between the conventional PC and this new tablet craze, graphics was nothing short of 2009. Using the touch screen meant zero tactile feel for games that require intricate movements such as "Battlefield 2 – Bad Company". I was easily disorientated with the lack of feedback and found I was constantly covering gaming area where visibility is crucial with my fingers. At that point I tilted my head toward my desktop where my PC sits and was tempted to make the switch if I wasn't already so comfortable sat on the couch with the iPad2 in my hand.

15/5 9:00p.m: Really wanted to play "Battlefield 2 – Bad Company" properly so I had made up my mind to not even pick up the iPad2 for checking forthcoming schedules and get straight on to the PC. A sense of comfort in environment and ergonomics was my first thought. Looked to the side where the iPad2 lay and saw myself only picking it up for a bit of casual gaming and checking of emails etc.
15/5 12:00a.m: Was ready for bed when an idea came about so I casually picked up the iPad2 and sent an email to my boss about a product that targets diehard gamers like myself.
I introduce to you the GAMEPACK. - A story about the Product Manager

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