Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stressed is Desserts

Sitio Elena in Valleygolf Ortigas Extension

My friend Mike S. invited me as plus one to the Sweet Surrender Dessert Expo in Sitio Elena last November 13, 2010.

It was my first time listed as a photographer (but there was a list for bloggers, so they told me I should be in the middle of the line) in the event, and yes, there was dinner buffet, drinks and of course unlimited desserts - everything's for free when you get invited. So I was truly honored to be participating in this very sweet event.

Christmas Cupcakes, anyone?

My fave that night were the homemade brownies and cookies. Don't get me wrong when I say "homemade," what I meant was the quality of the baking wherein you had this Yakitate Japan moment of your eyes glistening and reminiscing about your past of how fantastic your mom bakes in her oven.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies by Desserts Avenue

I was suppose to buy these cookies, but they were just there for free tasting, but they gave me their calling card if I want to deliver - and yes, I'd definitely deliver tons of these yummy treats!

I also bought cream cheese brownies from Ernaline's Food Haven and black & white cookies from Dragon Fly Desserts.

Chef Hasset Go of Med Chef Homemade Cakes

You can see him in various cooking seminars and workshops, and in TV as well. His crème brûlée is so amazingly good, and I'll be also ordering these for the holidays. :D

Grabbed this from Sir Joel Lirio

PS. Thanks to Sir Raymond for the drinks!

We gave our copy of the shots to Appetite magazine (we also got 3 free issues of the magazine, and I might get to try the recipes!), hopefully one will be published? I'll just cross my fingers. :P


  1. gondoh gondoh nung unang picture ♥

  2. hehehe tinuruan lang ako dyan :D

  3. Thanks for featuring our cupcakes and cookies!