Thursday, December 2, 2010

IP e-Games Held Its First Guild Congress

Publicly listed online gaming publisher IP e-Games Ventures Inc., held its first guild congress last November 20, 2010 at the Activity Center (former Skating Rink) in SM Megamall wherein close to 2,200 gamers from RAN Online, CABAL Online, Dragonica, Runes of Magic and Audition Dance Battle attended the event.

This was for the guilds' recognition for their valued contributions to the online gaming community.

e-Games MMO Team (RAN Product Team and the VP for MMORPG Group)

Heidi Mendita-Garayblas, VP for e-Games MMOG titles said that the idea for the guild congress was originally developed for RAN Online's guilds. She said that the IP e-Games realized that the Guild Congress should encompass not just RAN, but other e-Games MMO titles as well.

As you can see, I have to take the shot from their stage as the crowd increases - as for the gamers who are reading this now, try to spot yourself from this image. :P

Freeplay and tournaments weren't the only activities taking action, there were also this costume-making contest made out entirely of Goya wrappers. The prize was a 1-year supply of Goya chocolate bars - that's totally sugar overload to the winners! :D

The winner was the group who made the Shaman costume from RAN Online. :)

And hats off to the powerful guilds who conquered the battles - congratulations to the winners!

RAN Online Matira Matibay Tournament Champion
-=TITANS=- of Havoc Server

1st Runner-up
ConQuErOrZ of Alamat Server

2nd Runner-up
Team_RESU of Strife Server

3rd Runner-up
RAN Team Pinas

Dragonica Guild Congress Tournament Champion

2nd Place

CABAL Online Clash of the Guild Guardians Tournament Champion
Nosebleed Guild from Mercury Server

2nd Place
Bishop Guild from Mercury Server

e-Games Guild Congress T-shirt Making Contest
Admiral Guild (Dragonica Guild)

Pop Girls!

Special performances had lifted the spirits of the fanboys and fangirls in the event when Pop Girls, Morningside, Mayonnaise and Sugar Hiccup rocked the stage.

If you guys missed out on all the fun and action, don't worry, because e-Games has tons of events lined up for the guilds. In the meantime, guild leaders can register their guilds via the Guild Congress website - - there will be more features in the future such as guild rankings per server, featured guilds, video interviews and more.

It was super awesome to see the veteran and new gamers, and hope to see y'all on the upcoming events as well. ;)

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