Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Monthly Baguio Experience

The Mansion

There's tons of reasons why my family and I always visit Baguio... on almost every month already. :D

It's not just the cold weather or the famous strawberries, maybe it's because it's the place where we can really relax and have fun!

Well, here's one of the top reasons - you can go and explore tons of places, and even though you already went there, there's those special moments that you just can't seem to stop going back 3-4 times a year. :P

My sister, Ate Lyn & her son, Eusuke

Good thing I did not trip while taking this shot with them walking to me and my walking backwards at the same time! :P

My sister, Ate Ann & her son, Lance

I'm not a fan of the movie, but they wanted the "Twilight Effect," which I teased them afterwards for "The Twilight Zone Effect." :D

And let's not forget the formation of the gentlemen - the cadets in action at the Philippine Military Academy grounds.

We were supposed to buy some cadet stuff toys... but they were sold out already. :(

Nature at its best in Baguio - you can smell the earth, the dewdrops, leaves, grass, and of course the flowers!

And there's also tons of good food and shopping for souvenirs and sweets! But then again, I'll leave that to your imagination and go to Baguio now! :)

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