Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Online Christmas Shopping

'Tis the season of shopping again here and there, but some people like me prefer the option of procrastination - and with the help of technology. ;)

Online Shopping

The Advantages

  • never have to go out - you can do all the shopping from the tip of your fingertips

  • no hassles

  • you can get great discounts and deals

  • no physical injuries from being clobbered from the mad crowd of malls

  • stress-free

  • you can never be a victim of pick-pockets

  • items will be delivered to your home

The Disadvantages

  • you have no idea of what the item really looks like (it looks good on the models, macro shots, etc.)

  • some are scammers - the ones that you pay but nothing was delivered, or the type of scammers during wholesale items - damaged items, not the customized ones that you ordered, wrong items, and the works

  • delay in delivery - either the seller or the courier itself

But there are still those sellers that I trust over more than 5 years, and I'm still coming back to them to buy more. In this case, like the ones I bought and was delivered today - some accessories (it's been years since I last bought a set) from http://maisiecristobal.multiply.com/ - the quality and prompt of the service is still the same.

Happy Christmas everyone! May your shopping will be joyous and don't forget to spend quality time with your family and love ones!

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