Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Two-Day 28th Birthday Celebration

February 19th this year was my twenty-eighth birthday. Ah yes, 28 years of blurry, going-with-the-flow-of-life moments. Years ago, I wanted to grow up fast, so that I can put on make-up, buy my own stuff, get my own pad.

And now, I woke up every day to a handsome face beside me in bed, with a big belly, with a child moving inside. I have my own family now.

My side of my family wanted to have a two-day celebration because my aunt/ninang and cousin from the US were here for a visit. So on the eve of my birthday, we agreed to a dinner of my favorite seafood dishes at San Miguel by the Bay near MOA. It was so hard to get to our usual restaurant, because apparently there was a pyromusical fireworks event happening as well. The only advantage was, most of the people that were there are attending the said event, so the restaurants are practically empty with plenty of tables and seats to choose from.

We were not into dining by the bayside because of the heat and damp weather, so we opt to dine inside the restaurant, with the pleasure of music, cable TV, and we get to chat at each other without having to shout at the increasing noise outside. We ordered crabs, shrimps, and fish, but also got some barbecue for the kids.

After admiring the fireworks display and checking out the ferris wheel, but was too tired to ride on it, we hit the road and I showed my family our new condo. They gave me tons of gifts including my favorite fresh strawberries from Baguio. They were sweet already, so I ate them without having to dip it in cream or syrup. :D

The next day, on my official birthday, we woke up early to go sight-seeing in Intramuros (although I've been there for photowalks and shoots for the umpteenth time!). What caught my eye in the Fort Santiago museum was the picture of Leonor Rivera side-by-side with Jose Rizal, our national hero's first love and inspiration for Maria Clara in his novel, Noli Me Tangere.

After that, we went to Casa Manila and San Agustin Church. Not much to sight-seeing as the sun was beating hard fast. So, we end the day with lunch at the Ayala Triangle Garden, and I treated my family at Wee Nam Kee. We ordered a lot, I really loved those spicy clams. I was trying to taste the spices and check the ingredients they used so that I can cook them back in our condo. :D

I'm truly blessed to have family and friends, especially my hubby who has been supporting me throughout these years. Here's to my first baby, and to my upcoming 29th! May we all have more birthdays to come and see everyone grow up each day. ;)

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