Friday, March 23, 2012

Blissful Moments of Working

This is my delayed post on what went on before my pregnancy. So in between blogging, photoshoots, and cooking for my husband, I used to work before, and the latest was in Friendster. It was a bit short, but I made friends in those few moments of my time in the company, and I learned more and was able to apply what I already know.

I already have a mutual friend of a friend there. And some of the faces are familiar since they were also in previous gaming industries. At first, I was intimidated at the size of the office - it's a huge penthouse floor. What I also loved about it are the walls, decorated by the creative team.

It was fun, every month, when a staff or two celebrates their birthday, the company itself treats everyone to a buffet of heaping food. I was used to having the celebrant be the one to treat everyone on the floor for lunch, snacks or dinner. :D

I miss working there - mainly because I get to chat with a lot of our international friends from all over the world and help them out with their games being published on our portal. Sometimes it was a bit hard due to barriers like different languages (sometimes they forget to speak English and their typing non-stop Russian fonts to me in Skype), but other than that, they're fun to deal with.

The best thing about being in our team department - there's no effin' competition. We have fun, they teach me a lot, a colleague told me most of my questions, inquiries and concerns were also useful to him. I've learned to focus and do my best in a lot of things. Most of all, I've learned more from what I've already 'graduated' from. I wasn't stuck on one thing, or met a dead end. Everything was an endless flow of things.

Whether I'll be going back or going to another industry, one thing's for sure for now - I'm going to finish my current quest for now: get my baby delivered healthy and safe. No matter what other people would have to say about me. So for now, thanks Friendster. Hope to see you all again one of these days! ;)

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