Friday, March 23, 2012

Circles Event Café

Remember that dinner buffet for two gift certificate that I won at the Lipton Bloggers event? My husband and I finally redeemed it last February 17th. It was our post anniversary and Valentines dinner. Circles Event Café is located inside Shangrila Hotel Makati.

So the only mishap that happened was the hostess who was in-charge of the seating, I wasn't able to catch her name, only she has this boyish haircut. She placed our names and told us to wait for a minute. So we waited at the lounge, along with a family who also just got in, so that the line won't be too long. But apparently, we already have a table a long time ago, and she made us wait for almost an hour for nothing. If we haven't gone up to the new hostess, we wouldn't know about it.

Although you're suppose to pick out food that you haven't tasted before, I wasn't going to risk it since I'm already nauseous and some food may not be good for the baby. So I opt for the familiar ones - steak, shrimp, mussels, roasted chicken, different maki flavors.

My husband was more into the desserts - especially when he saw the fondue, and needless to say, he took lots of chocolate sweets - and mostly those with chocolate mousse.

My dessert consisted of more on fruity ones, since I'm not allowed to eat too much chocolates since it's bad for the baby.

The waiters were very much attentive, even when you just glance at them, they approach your table right away. It's much better than having to strain your arms like a student in a classroom and trying to get their attention. Checking out isn't also a hassle, you just leave if have a free gift certificate, or even when you're paying.

You can visit for more info. ;)

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