Sunday, April 8, 2012

Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross

I was able to attend the Palm Sunday mass but did not do our yearly Visita Iglesia this year. My husband was worried about my safety and health. But thanks to my eldest sister, I was able to experience the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street for Black Saturday for the very first time. :)

The organizers did a very good job - with putting info on what happened every station, and added some activities that families can reflect on and enjoy at the same time.

The activities were a combination of reflection on yourself and your loved ones - past, present and future. It helps us deal with our troubles, our pain, happiness, triumphs and failures. As you go along the way, you grow and learn more, and looking forward for every step.

The Acts on Every Station of the Cross

  • 1st Station - take a hard look at the reflection of the mirror, remember that Jesus endured what He did so that you don't need to perform or put up a front to approach the Father; thank Jesus, because through him, you can come just as you are

  • 2nd Station - take a marble and place it in one of the scales - a particular area in your life that you've been giving your heart to (in this case, I placed it in Intimacy), and always keep in mind to always love God above all else

  • 3rd Station - pick up a pebble and let it remind you of a person you have formed your own negative opinions on - reflect and listen to what your heart has to say about him or her, ask God to renew your heartand transform it into one that gives people a benefit of the doubt

  • 4th Station - donate five pesos or more for the "Sponsor a Child" program of WE International Philippines, let's rewrite their story; don't wash your hands

  • 5th Station - pray for yourself or someone you know, who needs physical or emotional healing

  • 6th Station - deposit the stone of judgement from the third station and take a strip of black cloth - it represents your own sins and failures

  • 7th Station - carry a cross on your shoulder and walk a few feet; when you lay the cross down, take a few moments to thank God for walking a road we couldn't walk on our own

  • 8th Station - pick a prayer requests written by people who have gone before you and pray for that stranger's need, in return, write your own prayer request and place it in the prayer bowl

  • 9th Station - with nothing but your finger as ink, write your own sins and failures on the black cloth from the sixth station, take a hammer and nail the black cloth on the cross that lies on the floor - your Savior is reminding you that your sin is nailed to the cross - not in part, but in whole - and that you bear it no more - you are free

  • 10th Station - if you are with your family, grab this opportunity and let them know how much you love them; thank God for this time with them, if there are strained relationships within, pray for healing and restoration (this station touched me on how Mary truly loved Jesus, as a soon-to-be-mother, I really felt it, and hope I'll do the same for my own child)

  • 11th Station - take a card from the pew - God has made you new - scan the code from the card to explore more about your new identity

  • 12th Station - enter the tent of darkness

  • 13th Station - take a card from the table - write the name of a person whom you feel has touched your life in a special way; post it on the board and offer up a prayer of blessing to that person

  • 14th Station - take a piece of bread and cup of wine prepared at the table; take a few moments in the area provided to remember that Jesus died and rose again for you - you are part of a family of Christ followers

So, how was your Holy Week? Whether you experienced it by traditions or by simply loving life just as how Jesus Christ had provided for you, I hope you enjoyed it - God bless! :)

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