Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Point Blank CBT Launch

Last week, I received an invitation from IP e-Game Ventures Inc. to their CBT release of Point Blank, the latest massively multiplayer online first-person shooting. Their closed beta testing period began last May 18, 2011 and yesterday was a meet-up with the e-Games & X-Play executives with us, bloggers.

Emir Samonte, IP e-Games Communication Head presents Point Blank

The meet-up was limited & exclusive to local bloggers, mainly writing everything about the gaming industry. Sir Emir Samonte, Communication Head of IP e-Games started the presentation by providing details on their newest game, Point Blank.

A sample screenshot of the in-game action in Point Blank

The game is similar to the popular FPS in our country called Counter-Strike. However, Point Blank promises new and exciting unique game modes, tons of maps and weapons, plus interactive and destructible environment. So, if you plan to shoot flaming barrels or gas stations, try to back up a bit, your character may be in a lot of trouble other than your targeted enemies. ;)

The PC specs are not that heavy:

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU : P4 2.4Ghz / Athlon 2500+

  • RAM : 512 MB

  • VGA : Geforce 5700 / Radeon 9600 or similar ranked graphic card

  • HDD : 1.5 GB free space

  • OS : Windows System NT / 2000 / 7

  • Direct X : Direct X 9.0 C

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU : P4 3.0Ghz / Athlon 3000+

  • RAM : 1G

  • VGA : Geforce 6600 / Radeon X600

  • HDD : 1.5 GB free space

  • OS : Windows System NT / 2000 / 7

  • Direct X : Direct X 9.0 C

Game Modes available in this CBT period include Death Match, Eliminate, Shotgun Mode and AI Mode (versus CPU), and for the characters/avatars, they have Acid Pol, Keen Eyes, Red Bulls, and Tarantula. Developed by Korea-based game developer Zepetto, Point Blank is currently among the top online game titles worldwide and a huge hit in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Russia. Point Blank also has a significant foothold in major gaming markets in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Point Blank's Product Manager, Christian Ballada, giving one-on-one Q&A with the bloggers

Miguel Bauza, IP e-Games VP for Marketing added that with this in mind, gameplay would only improve since other players will want to counter these tactics or derive better ones. In addition, there are role-playing game elements - players can earn through the game's unique level progression.

Blogger doing sniping and having consecutive head shot chains

Ronald Aquino, X-Play Online Games Inc. COO said that Point Blank will also have in-game contests, tournaments, and thrilling new updates to keep gamers playing. IP e-Games is confident that, similar in other markets, Point Blank will become the number 1 online FPS game in the country.

The bloggers had a blast playing the game, and I too, sensed that my FPS blood is coming back to me - since I'm no newbie when it comes to games with big guns and loving trashtalks when someone does a headshot.

Each blogger received an e-Games Goodie Bag with t-shirt, notebook, installer, poster and Rustans Gift Check

And to all newbie & hardcore gamers alike who loves to play first-person shooting games, you'll definitely love this. If you want to try this out for free, visit a Netopia iCafe branch, you can check out the details & also download the game here:

For more news and updates from Point Blank, visit their official sites here:

And of course, visit our blog from time-to-time with the latest events and happenings on your favorite games.

I'll now leave you with a video of this action-packed, guns blazing, newest FPS game to hit the Philippines. Enjoy! :D


  1. para syang counterstrike... magugustuhan ni philip ito hehee...

  2. oooohhh mahilig rin pala siya sa FPS games :D yup, I'm also playing, parang CS rin ;)

  3. Interesting... I like FPS games, started with counter-strike.