Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trans Sport Show 2011

What's a convention that you can attend with only P80 entrance in your hand that combines cars, babes and toys?

It's all in Trans Sport Show 2011, May 26-29, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center.

Since our outdoor shoot with my two gorgeous friends was postponed due to bad weather, we decided to hit the said event yesterday.

I don't have that much idea in cars or motorcycles, whether it's about the exterior or the interior type, however I really admire them. If you want speed, then get the ones in exhibit that featured cars from the movie, Fast and the Furious.

1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing

If you happen to be classic and practical, get the ones that can be stable and efficient in gas & long travel.

Don't like parking? Get a really, really small car. Convenient as well if you want to share the seat with a special someone. :D

1959 BMW Isetta

And if you're like me - loving history and art - get the vintage cars. I know they're just for style and bragging rights to your friends, however, you can't beat the ones that are old already - if you get my drift. ;)

1948 Buick Roadmaster

And like my friend, there's another reason why some photographers also come to these shows - the racing queens~!

I also saw the FHM Vixens on one of the booths - but I think I only got a shot on one of them - you can check out more of the pictures that I took here -- Trans Sport Show 2011 Album.

Along with the miniature sizes of the cars on display, there were also several action figures - racing babes were the best - even the toys would stand out more than the models! Just kidding! See y'all on more upcoming exhibits & events!

PS. Happy 20th Anniversary Trans Sport Show! :)

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