Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weddings & Love

Isn't love grand?

All the stuff that you've been planning when you were five or six with your friends and playmates are the ones that you would want to be executed on your wedding day.

But sometimes, things won't go your way. There will be bumps on the road to your happiness, however, things will turn out fine and you'll get your happy ending somehow. ;)

Finding the right place to say "I do." If you feel that a place connects you and your future husband - yup, it's the right place. Usually, your religion may be involved but sometimes I'd like to suggest that a place is like a kiss - there's fireworks and sparks everywhere every time you're walking by to your spot.

Sometimes people do not know the meaning of RSVP. Hence, a hundred guests may not be your final list - either way, you would have to always have a backup. That goes to the seating in both wedding venue and reception (if it's separated).

Food should always be in theme - if there are no little guests (kids), then you're all set for fine cuisine. However, most of the time there are kids since you have your ring bearer and flower girls, always have an option of food for them.

Don't go for the traditional programs and activities! Surprises are so much fun. Have the guests always laughing and participating freely rather than them expecting on "what's next." That's why friends are the best hosts, planners and ushers. They always have these crazy ideas on what to do to lighten up the party.

Last January 29, 2011, my hubby was the best man for his bestfriend's wedding. I was teary-eyed on their wedding. I'm such a softie and romantic when it comes to these events. Here are some shots I took:

Goodluck and best wishes to all the married couples out there! :D

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