Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happily Ever After

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary ♥

Before it was full of hearts and blissful moments, there were challenges along the way...

So how did we meet?

March 2006. It was my first few days in a gaming company when I had a temporary seat and computer - and I didn't know that he was seated there. He said he just looked at me and trying to ask me if he could use his computer already, but he just waited for me to finish.

He was like more of a mentor - he had leadership skills that had put him on where he is today, and I admire him for that. We usually take breaks and lunch together - either in McDo or 7-11, or any other fastfood chains. Although he's quiet to others, he usually talks to me about games, anime, and movies. Yes, we're certified geeks.

We usually talk over the phone, send each other text messages when we're not on duty, a chatted on YM. It was also odd that I was the only girl who was put on a graveyard shift with him - but I was okay with it because he was there with me.

We had these weird conversations about one to fall in love with the other. And he said - "don't fall in love with a guy like me." I told him I won't, because that would be awkward and weird for me and for him. I think the chat started because he told me he was going out with a girl and it's been a while since he dated someone. I gave him lots of tips, but then the next day, he told me they never went out. I asked him why, but he never gave a straight answer. I never had that kind of feelings for him yet. But when a certain former colleague of ours told me that he caught him staring at his computer with my empty & offline YM box, waiting for me to go online or trying to come up with an offline message, I just smiled.

One day, he told me thru YM chat during our shift that he needs to talk to me on breaktime. I said I had tons of work and was curious at the same time, I forced him to tell me ASAP thru YM chat instead. At first, he didn't budge. But then he typed in these words "I'm falling in love with you, but I won't wait for an answer from you. I just want you to know."

I did not answer to that, but I did type in a smiley emoticon. Later he asked me if we could go out after my shift (it was his dayoff) and I agreed since Mich (he's one of his closest friends). We walked from Malate to Baywalk since there were no available seats in one of Malate's bars and resto. We finally ordered at Baywalk near the pagoda, wherein I had the best and huge BBQs for dinner. We all had fun talking until the sun came up and yes, we all didn't sleep (well, my shift ended at 12midnight, I was at midshift already).

May - July 2006. I told him that I also love him. I can't really tell why I chose him. It's easy to tell people that you and the other has the same passion or sharing the same hobbies and other stuff like that.

I love him because he knows me, and I know him. We made each other happy in the midst of chaos or turmoils or our fights. When I cry, he keeps quiet. He stops shouting for a while, and comforts me. When he gets mad, I simply hug him, and he'll hold my hand. When it rains, we buy ice cream and walk in the rain together. When I get sick, he stays by my side, and I'll do the same. We trust each other. We always make it work. I support him, and he supports me. We think alike in so many ways, and I can't imagine a life without him.

He's my other half, we make each other whole. :)

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