Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Two-Day 28th Birthday Celebration

February 19th this year was my twenty-eighth birthday. Ah yes, 28 years of blurry, going-with-the-flow-of-life moments. Years ago, I wanted to grow up fast, so that I can put on make-up, buy my own stuff, get my own pad.

And now, I woke up every day to a handsome face beside me in bed, with a big belly, with a child moving inside. I have my own family now.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Circles Event Café

Remember that dinner buffet for two gift certificate that I won at the Lipton Bloggers event? My husband and I finally redeemed it last February 17th. It was our post anniversary and Valentines dinner. Circles Event Café is located inside Shangrila Hotel Makati.

Blissful Moments of Working

This is my delayed post on what went on before my pregnancy. So in between blogging, photoshoots, and cooking for my husband, I used to work before, and the latest was in Friendster. It was a bit short, but I made friends in those few moments of my time in the company, and I learned more and was able to apply what I already know.

The Hunger Games Aftermath

Currently I just finished reading Book 2: Catching Fire and the movie. But before you proceed on reading this, if you haven't read the first book yet, or watched the movie, then move on to my other posts. But if you're interested to hear what I have to say on the first book and movie, then you can read the rest. Don't say I never warned you first. ;)