Friday, April 27, 2012

E-Games Domination VI: The Aftermath

IP e-Game Ventures Inc. celebrated its sixth year anniversary last April 21, 2012 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

I haven't been to any conventions lately, so when I was invited again, even with the beating heat of the summer sun, I was able to go to the venue and witness the said event.

Even before going inside, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of sponsors and partners showing off their products - especially the models that will get the attention of every gamer - and the community is predominantly male. :D

Beside the sponsor and food booths, of course, the main event will not be complete with the e-Games titles' booths that has been the area of the old and new gamers alike.

You'll also witness and hear the screams of the community cheering on for their favorite guilds and teams competing in the RAN Online, Cabal, Point Blank, Audition Dance Battle, and Bandmaster tournaments.

Level Up! also had some treats for the gamers - as the Bounty Hounds booth was filled with gorgeous models, and I also heard that they gave out Ragnarok goodies (wasn't able to get one, I was late!)

In case you get confused and haven't heard the news, yes, Level Up! and e-Games merged into Playweb Inc.

And your day won't be complete with the awesome dance and band performances!

My fave bands - Up Dharma Down and Join the Club (met these guys during e-Games Guild Congress 2011) performed, also Tanya Markova with their bubbles scene and wacky outfits always amuses me.

Awesome cosplayers also flooded the stage with their detailed costumes - a lot also cosplayed again for RAN, Cabal and Granado Espada. My vote went for the tiniest cosplayer which reminds me how my daughter will look like in the future. ;)

Congratulations to the champions of all e-Games tournaments! I was a bit jealous on the yummy Razer prizes, although I was able to took one home, theirs were much better! :P

It was great seeing the community I've managed before, and also awesome to be with my former colleagues as well. Happy to see Mark - the ever so active blogger friend of mine, Adi - former colleague, a good friend, and will be blogging as well from now on, and Mike - my good friend and photographer, thanks to all his shots above.

So till the next gaming event, as always! ;)

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