Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greenbelt & Eco Park Bonding Moments

It's fun bonding with your loved ones, your family, and your friends, especially when there's good food!

To end a fruitful month of February for me was a mixture of happiness and a small sadness at the same time. It was my birth month, my wedding anniversary, and Valentines day.

But having to end it with a good gossip and tons of laughter, chomping down both fine dining cuisine and homemade food - what other ways can I wish for to end the month of love?

I invited my sisters to dine with me in Greenbelt at Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant. I was there with my friends last time, and besides their specialty of a super huge serving of sliced cakes, I was totally in love with their sandwiches too.

We also ordered Viennese Mocha Torte - it has this sweet meringue in between. It's like heaven in between clouds of icing and mocha.

We had coffee at Seattle's Best afterwards, and I was waiting for my friends' confirmation on the picnic in La Mesa Eco Park, but alas, they were too late to confirm so I had to wake up early to buy ingredients for the food.

They requested my sweet-style spaghetti and I also added egg salad sandwich - they were all totally stuffed after eating. Some couldn't even get up from the picnic blanket already.

Of course, this wasn't also an opportunity to try my homemade cooking, but to also do exercise by walking up at the park's nature trail, check out the Nikon Club booth, and take some shots along the way. Here are some of my shots:

And here are some amazing views at dusk:

So always take a breather - take a break from your busy schedule. Always find the time to enjoy it with a group of people or even by yourself.

Grabbed this from Rochelle Sy Chua

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