Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cubinet Interactive Legend of Martials Arts is Here!

Last year, Cubinet Interactive Philippines Corporation released Battle of Immortals and had captivated the new and hardcore gamers alike, and now, they had yet to unleash another epic free-to-play game that you'll surely wouldn't want to miss out.

OBT will start tomorrow, March 24, 2011 at around 3-4PM.

Last March 12, 2011, I was invited again to their Press & Media Launch of Legend of Martial Arts - originally released as 'Kung Foo' from Perfect World. This was actually inspired from an actual comedy martial arts movie, and even some of the NPCs (non-playable characters) were based from the movie's actors.

The event started with the introduction of the hosts:  Jin dela Cruz - Ads & Promo Manager and a good friend of mine, Richard Ryan IbaƱez - Brand Manager of Legend of Martial Arts Philippines.

There were also game demos wherein you can get to try it hands-on - but I've already played the game at home during its opening of CBT server.

Game Overview

Current & Upcoming Features

  • Clan System (Guilds)

  • Evolving Pet System

  • PK (Player-Kill) System

  • In-Depth Weapons & Enemies

  • Apprenticeship System

  • Battlefields

  • Clan Territory War

  • Couple System

  • Dungeons

  • Flying Mounts

  • Lottery System

System Requirements

Character Races

Okay, there are two races to choose from - Human & Demon. From these clans, you can branch out from several different classes.

In the Human Race, you'll start off as a Rookie, and as for the Demon Race, you'll start off as an Infernal Friend. As you level up along the way, you'll reach a point wherein you would have to choose between a Melee or Magic Class - in which it'll branch out into several specific classes again. Choose wisely!

I'll leave your imagination to this video - and you must watch! Because Master Shifu says so! :P

Tomorrow marks the Open Beta of Legend of Martial Arts! No more wipeout during this period! Register & download the client now!

Visit their official sites:

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