Friday, May 4, 2012

Gonuts Donuts Donut Talk

GoNuts Donuts has been around for the past eight years and competing against other brands. But what makes GoNuts Donuts unique among the rest is that they're the only brand that is proudly Filipino. So here's what went on during the blogger event with the theme as 'Donut Talk.'

Even with my six-month belly and resisting sweets because of my baby, I still came to SM Mall of Asia last May 2, 2012 and was looking forward for the day. It was great to see that even if the company has been here for a long time, they still want to reach out to the community, and especially to the bloggers like us.

After registration, they suggested for me to do the Create-Your-Own-Donut contest already so that the area won't be that crowded yet. So here's what I made:

  • instead of the usual donut loop, I had the stuffit - plus it can hold more decorations and ingredients of course!

  • we filled it up with bavarian cream

  • glazed with chocolate frost and drizzled with red syrup

  • for the toppings, I selected a red rosette candy to represent my baby girl and for happiness and love - mini mallows, chocolate-coated candy and rainbow sprinkles

The event officially opened by Vince Golangco, the Editor-in-Chief of and Radio DJ on Mellow 94.7 FM. He sum up the things we'll be talking about, plus the news and updates from GoNuts Donuts. But before everything else, he announced a contest in which most of us did not volunteer, and he just picked out the contestants, and I was one of them.

The contest was to guess the flavor of the donut, and good thing it wasn't chocolate (it was not good for the baby) - mine was Pandan Macapuno. I was only able to guess one of the combination of flavors. Oh well~ :P

I was very much interested in Ms. Tina Lagdameo's presentation, the GoNuts Donuts Marketing Manager, on their products. What I only knew was the usual stuffits and donut loops, but did you know they also have sugar-free / lite donuts? Good for those who's watching their sugar intake and of course, those on a diet. We were also eating and enjoying their pizza donuts - okay, maybe some would say, 'how would that taste?' It's 100% pizza that looks like donuts, so rest assured, the ingredients are all ingredients that you see in a pizza, not combined with syrups, sweet stuff, candies or chocolates. :P

What caught my attention was the Fudgy Loops - the same moist and texture of brownies in the shape of a donut. It's one of my faves! Yum!

They also had chillers drinking contest - talk about brainfreeze! I'm saluting to the bloggers who participated in this one. ;)

Yabang Pinoy also introduced themselves since GoNuts Donuts is a proud Filipino company; they are non-government organization made up of volunteers that envisions every Filipino being Proud to be a Filipino. Woohoo! Who wouldn't be proud to be Pinoy?

I had fun talking to the marketing team, and was imagining myself in donut heaven - literally! :D

But before I conclude this aftermath article, remember the Create-Your-Own-Donut contest? I made this donut and dedicated it to my baby and my blog altogether. To share the GoNuts Donuts happiness, if you vote for my donut and it won, VeyaLeecious blog will be giving out tons of gift certificates again to random voters!

Here's how to vote:

  1. Like the Facebook Page.

  2. Go to this online poll -

  3. Click on the radio button to vote for "Veyaleecious" by Bea Corbilla

Friends of friends of friends can vote! So please share the happiness too! And with that, if you're craving for donuts in all kinds of taste and sizes, if you're a proud Pinoy, and still want that awesome quality in donuts without having to think about budget (their prices are not that expensive), then this one's for you. You can check out the branch / store near you by visiting - because GoNuts Donuts Plus is more than just great donuts! :D

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