Monday, May 7, 2012

Asiasoft Launches MapleSEA Legends Patch in PH

Asiasoft Online, the videogame publishing company that brought the successful 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to the Philippines, has officially launched the MapleSEA Episode 3: LEGENDS patch.

About MapleSEA

MapleSEA ( is the localized version of MapleStory, the revolutionary multiuser online game, for Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. The world’s first side-scrolling 2D online game, MapleStory is developed by Nexon, a videogame company based in Korea.

About the Legend Patch

Episode 3 will be divided into four parts:

  • Prelude (already released last April 15)

  • Cannon Shooter (May 16)

    • launch of Cannon Shooter character class

    • minor user interface and feature updates

      • Common potions are stackable up to 300 instead of 100 (Alchemy -> 400/800)

      • Every character gains a speed boost of 20%

      • Item repurchase ability: If you sold your item by accident you have the option to buy it again from the NPC you sold it to.

      • System option and game option UIs are combined

      • Victoria Island quests will be restructured they will give better exp and items as well as will have a story line now

      • Profession skill restructuring: more and better items will be available to be created. As well the experience will be improved to be more fun

      • The Quick Move system - click a button on the minimap and you can choose to be moved straight to a useful NPC on the map

      • Racial skills (Link Skill System)

      • New 4th Potential Tier: Legendary - new type of Miracle Cube

  • Mercedes (May 30)

    • launch of Mercedes character class

      • Male or Female gender preference in character creation.

      • Stylish Move skill enables them to do something no one else can do, like climb a rope super fast, start off with 140% speed and 120% jump, have a flash jump-like skill since 1st job, and get long-ranged mobbing skills in every job.

      • Mercedes do not use arrows or anything else. They use a new special weapon called Dual Bow Gun along with another weapon in the shield slot called Mercedes Arrow.

      • On job advancements, the only advancement you need to do is 2nd job. You will advance automatically at level 10, 70, and 120.

      • Unique pegasus mounts at level 70 and 120

  •  Demon Slayer (July 4)

    • final phase

    • launch of Demon Slayer character class

      • Male or Female gender preference in character creation.

      • First Dark MapleStory Character Class.

      • Demon Slayer is a part of the Resistance. It’s the Resistance warrior, so he can equip any warrior equipment and his primary stat is STR (secondary is useless DEX).

      • Demon Slayer uses Demon Fury (DF) instead of MP.

      • Cannot use potions to recover DF. You either recover as time passes using a skill or by attacking monsters and absorbing their force.

      • Demon Slayers use either 1-Handed Blunt Weapons or 1-Handed Axe. That is along with another item called Force Shield.

      • Different Face Painting for choice.

      • Unique Devil Wings which can be obtained at level 30 and 120. Unable to use Riding Mount skills.

According to the game's developers, the updates to the game include the launch of three new exciting classes, new 4th potential legendary tier items, quick move system, item re-purchase system and radical skills system. All of the above will also be accompanied by a faster and more intuitive user interface.

I'll be leaving this video to tease your imagination and get you into playing MapleSEA now! ;)

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