Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pursuing Your Creative Inspiration

If you have an idea or are inspired by something, why not share it with everyone? Just like this blog I created, VeyaLeecious - you can combine all your interests, likes and hobbies to one place to share with the world. It's a diverse website, full of interesting pieces of writing, and creative photography. Here you can read about where you can get the best coffee, cool hangouts, or take a look at some Independence Day photographs.

Photography is an expression of your feelings, thoughts and it shows off your creative flair. Inspiration for all creative things, such as photography or poetry, all come from the smallest of things. Smells, colors or memories, can trigger an idea and act as your inspiration. Some inspiration even comes from talking to your friends and hearing their ideas, or even when you are relaxing on the computer, and something pops up on the internet while you're playing Partypoker.com or on TV. Once you have your idea, creating a spider diagram around your theme really helps you branch out ideas. The layout of a spider diagram is random, much like our own random thoughts. This irregular form of note taking makes it easier and quicker to jot down ideas. As you write an idea down, another may stem on from that, so draw another line and write it down. Soon you will have a page full of thoughts and ideas which you can work into your project.

Some photographers gain inspiration by looking at other photographs and thinking about how they would capture this image themselves. They might think about which camera angles they would use, what weather setting suits this best or which lighting techniques could be tried.

The way a photo is edited changes the context and overall effect of the image. A photographer might have taken a photo which came out too dull, so discards it. However, this could give someone the idea to have photos intentionally like this; it would give a sense of mystery or even a horror type feel. This type of photo can then be planned accurately with the perfect amount of light to have a mysterious feel.

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