Friday, April 8, 2011

Ran Online's Gunner Class Overview

Ran Online, the trail blazing MMORPG published locally by publicly listed gaming company IP E-Games Ventures Inc. (IP e-Games PSE-EG), takes the gaming experience to another level with the introduction of its newest character class - the Gunner.

Last April 2, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center, we were invited to the biggest gaming event - Domination V and also, the press conference on one of their leading MMORPG, Ran Online's launch of a new character class.

The Gunner is the fifth character class that was launched last March 29, 2011. Unlike the Extreme class that was released last 2009, players do not need to meet certain requirements to create a Gunner character - just create one at the character creation page and you're all set. The thing is, of course, everyone will start from scratch on this one since it's a newly created in-game character.

Here are the character builds:

The Power Types employ long-range sniper rifles and can hit mobs with paralyzing skills. Intelligence Types use electron guns and can cast enchantments to take out mob skills and attributes, and lastly, the Dexterity Types wield dual pistols and summon mobs to help its cause.

Since the objective of this new patch release will obtain new players, retain and have the old players who had retired before to come back had set some questions from the Media & Press on how will they do it - since mostly gamers are now into mature, hardcore and intense graphics in online games, and half are now playing via their Facebook profiles which everyone can easily access without having to download or install anything on their computers.

Heidi Mendita-Garayblas - VP for MMO Products, answered that the new character class will intrigue and provide motivation again to former Ran Online players since everyone will start at level 1 (back to scratch) and in addition to that, there are plenty of upcoming updates and events like RAN D' Reunion in store for the said gamers.

Ronald Aquino, Miguel Bauza, Heidi Mendita-Garayblas and Leslie Corbilla

Leslie Corbilla - Product Manager for Ran Online, added that this will be a real treat to gamers who like to strategize in order to win a game or survive in-game challenges. Plus, he also quoted that new patch updates has been currently being developed for the game so that it'll match the said on-going and fast pace of the gaming industry in terms of graphics and so on.

This character class had strike interest on the gamers who had recently been playing FPS, a handful of hardcore MMO gamers, or perhaps an airsoft enthusiast - be it a newbie or a veteran already. However, let's try to keep those bullet cases in-game, and not in-real life, shall we? ;)

Skullcandy Raffle Winners - I was one lucky gal! Thanks to Mike Serrano on this shot!

My loot - I gave away my Ran Calendar Girl 2011 to my friend since I already have a copy already :D

And with this, let me leave this video for your viewing pleasure:



  1. bakit ganon?ung dex ung my debuff?pero sa laro.pow type ung meron.

  2. bakit nasa pow nga yung DEBUFF??? yun level 47 ng pow..kasi pag casted sya sa ibang character, mwawala lahat ng buff... negatiave at positive buff even light speed and Aegis... pero yun buff ng gunner like body shell...di na natatanggal ng debuff skill/level47 ng pow....

    tapos di ko alam kung para san naman yung Light Therapy...may pagkakaiba ba kung master yung level 47 ng pow at yung light therapy??


  3. oo nga naman baka naman pwede nio n po masagot mga katanungang to mga admin ng e'games!!!! para po maliwanagan po ang lahat... ang alam ko nman nababasa nio mga comment nmin bat po ala po sumasagot sa tanong mga to... kung bat po ang debuff napunta sa pow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ou nga po bt ganun prng baliktad nmn d2^_^ ung mga skil ang gulo hehehe! tpos bbug p mga ques? d po mkpsok female gunner sa b3?

  5. hahahhahah kaw pa una nag comment..hahah

  6. pede ba ung skill ng pow gunner na "relief bomb" sa party and enemy skill lang un, kasi marami epal na pow gunner nag debuff!!!

  7. Shunga k pow type lng nmn ang debuff san mo nmn n kita sa dex ung skill n dbuff?

  8. oi bkit wlang gunner skills ang mga extrme class?

    reply kyo kung hind mag dedemanda ko hahaha :D

    peace just kidding men


  9. Oo nga ..
    bkit ganun ..
    pow type lng ang my debuff ..
    sa dex wla ..
    anu kea un ..

  10. Sir/Mam bkit din po ala naman paralyze na ngyayari sa 167 skill ng pow gunner... at ala pong kwenta 147 skill nya?

  11. Salamat po sa pagbasa ng nakaraan na Gunner Class launch ng RAN Online. Maaari lamang po puntahan ang official websites ng e-Games para sa mga karagdagang tanong tungkol sa mga detalye nito:

    Creator & Owner of

  12. ibang clase tlga gunner class....ngayon lvl 124 naako...YES!

  13. How to set stat skill point of skill gunner pow? Someone tell me please...