Monday, April 11, 2011

E-Games Domination V: The Aftermath

Last April 2, 2011, the biggest one-day event was held at the SMX Convention Center near Mall of Asia brought to you by IP e-Games - the Domination V. This is in celebration of their fifth anniversary and to also give back to their community - the gamers via entertainment, activities, freebies and lots of action-packed online tournament of their favorite games like RAN Online, Cabal, Dragonica, Audition, Granado Espada, Operation7, Bandmaster, Runes of Magic, and Superstar.

As early as 8AM when I was able to get there, the line was already this long:

The lines were up around the SMX Convention Center and one at the middle for the AXE VIP lanes. The crowd was even thicker inside as gamers trying to find their friends and getting inside.

Since majority of the gaming community are male - most of them will be greeted with the Axe Goddesses and spraying them with their new product - the Axe Provoke.

The Axe VIPs were also in for a treat with these goddesses at the Axe Booth:

This year's theme was Steampunk - according to Miguel Bauza, IP e-Games' VP for Marketing said that they chose it because the community loves it - and it's cool. Every game has their own booth and mini-stage for their tournaments and contests, and major activities and happenings at the main stage - like raffles and bands.

The hosts of e-Games Domination V

Other than the line-up local artists and bands like Gracenote, 6CycleMind, Gloc9 and Pretty Young Things, there were a lot of bands and performers - the gamers themselves - who won during the Battle of the Bands Road to Domination V kickoff event also played and rocked the stage.

Hot local artists and bands who performed at Domination V, shots from my friend, Mike Serrano:

That's me with 6CycleMind!

Some of the gamers, especially the RANatics greeted me as well, and yes, they still remember who I am. I was surprised and happy when they chatted with me during the event. :)

Also, Alodia Gosiengfiao made an appearance as an Axe Goddess and gamers missed her since her visit last 2009 for her fans day event at e-Games Domination III.

This event won't be complete with cosplayers from your favorite anime, manga and game titles.

Cosplay photos courtesy of Mike Serrano; wasn't able to take shots since I was one of the judges - with me is Patrick Henry de Dios (Director of and Karen Bordador (FHM's Premiere Vixen)

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament, raffles and contests. Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as we did. ;)

I'll leave you with a video of the cosplayers being featured on 24 Oras GMA7 during Domination V:

Rock on and cheers to all the gamers!



  1. Sino yung crush mo diyan sa 6cycle Mind? Nasa left or nasa right? XD

  2. ahahaha! chismosa! the one with his sunglasses on - na tinabihan ko :P