Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Weapon of Choice

Way back, I had tons of ways on writing and taking pictures as my way of expressing art.

When the digital era was born, I opt to buy a camera from a very dear friend & photographer enthusiast as well.

Canon PowerShot A620 - eventually I gave this as a gift to my parents.

My MSi notebook - where all of my thoughts are being written (or should I say, typed in)

Of course, this is where I also store all of the photos that I take - the post-processing, and it's all organized since I don't like messy folders and on panic mode once the clients need their raw images already.

My very dependent W660i.

Laugh if you want, but a phone camera never fails me when I'd like to take pictures of places, people, and food. Well, you can't always have your big gear during lunch or breaktime or in the middle of meetings, right? :P

My baby, Nikon D40

My companion on all the photoshoots, events and traveling that I do almost every day.

But no matter what weapon of choice we take - we should always get the best out of life experiences. ;)