Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cosplay Mania & AME

Taken at the Cosplay Mania X last October 3, 2010

I'd wait and would definitely participate in these two events. Mostly because I have can meet my buddies and had fun in catching up with the good old times.

Having to retire in cosplaying doesn't seem to be bad, as I still appreciate the new generation, along with my friends and co-cosplayers before that are stil active until today.

When I was working in a gaming company, I came to find that I won't be participating in cosplay events anymore - only that I need to work at our booth and manage some stuff. At first it wasn't easy, seeing that most of my old friends would ask "hey, aren't you going to cosplay today?" or "what's your costume for the next event?"

Taken at the Cosplay Mania X last October 3, 2010

But then I decided to capture moments - perhaps preserve a new kind of history in the making - that cosplay had been part of our culture. And what more of a better way than covering the cosplay events of me, an-old-timer-retired-cosplayer (wow, that made me sound old!) and now an amateur events photographer enthusiast! :D

Taken at the AME Track last November 6, 2010

Cosplayers are not just the ones taking all the credit - even toys are grabbing the action! In a way, they are super cute! And yes, they sometimes drain my wallet - shopping galore!

Taken at the Cosplay Mania X last October 3, 2010

So if you're an anime, manga, toys & gadgets enthusiast, you might want to attend these type of conventions. I'd also suggest for you to visit http://cosplay.ph/ for the latest updates. ;)


  1. Thank you so much for the photo of my Queen esther cosplay :D