Friday, October 21, 2011

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2011

Last October 1, 2011, along with typhoon Quiel, I still attended the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Intramuros along with my friends. This photowalk was led by Sir Sam Rosales, and the top shot was from him as well. :)

I also decided to stop wrestling with my already-broken umbrella and used my raincoat instead. But the winds and rain were too strong, we were all wet except for our cameras - thanks to Ish and Jojo. :D

I mentioned before in my posts that I had been here quite a few times - a playground during my childhood in Casa Manila, and that nostalgic look at my husband's school during his college years.

This is my entry for the Scott Kelby Photowalk contest. It’s not because I’m hoping to win, but most of my friends loved it. Plus, call me cheesy, but my hubby told me they call this ‘Parian’ (Puerta del Parian & Revellin del Parian) and it was his fave hangout spots in Intramuros when he was in college. I took a shot without knowing it - and somehow I felt drawn to this place.

It was a cold, but awesome day despite the gloomy weather in Intramuros Manila. Hope I get to go back with my hubby so that he'll take me for a tour on other spots that I haven't been to yet. ;)

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